Tasha has been in the fitness industry since 1997 as a certified Fitness Professional.  She has been certified by ACE, NASM and APEX and she has been an avid yoga practitioner since 2002.  After having her first child she was looking for a way to relieve stress and heal her body from the wear and tear of the competitive sports she had participated in previously.  After her first yoga class with Char Nuessle, she knew this would be her calling and she continued to further her studies in yoga. In March 2006, she studied Ashtanga Yoga under Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of India, and Sharath Rangaswamy during their World Tour in San Francisco and in June of 2007 in Hong Kong at the Asia Yoga Conference and just recently in New York of May 2017 with Pramaguru Sharath Rangaswamy.  Tasha graduated from Yoga Hawaii's Teacher Training under the guidance of Rupali Embry & Tania Jo Ingram in July 2006.  She continues her studies with Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini of Maya Yoga where she travels to Maui frequently.   She enjoys sharing her knowledge of yoga with all those who have a common quest of self realization.

Sthira sukham asanam-Yoga Sutras 2.46-2.48Practicing yoga with strength
and in a relaxed manner gives rise to harmony with the physical body.

Learned how to simply BE  through yoga. She attended her first yoga class in 2010. Though reluctant to try yoga at first, Tina found self-rediscovery and a sense of new beginnings. The powerful transformational experience of yoga enriches her and helps her focus on her evolving life.  She received her 200 RYT through the  Wanderlust Teacher  Training Program under the teachers Kate Baldwin and Lilly Barels. Her practice and self discovery continues to grow through the  guidance and encouragement of her mentors Tasha Kauihou and Eden Monteilh.  Finding peace and contentment in her yoga practice has helped Tina realize the importance and value of making more classes available to her community. She has a gentle and light-hearted style to teaching and hopes to help others find their breath and simply BE.

“Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.” -  Jason Crandell

Started practicing yoga in 2012. She was drawn to Power Yoga for its intense form of exercise. Enjoying the added flexibility and constant discovery of new muscles she kept coming back for more. Since then her practice has grown to include Vinyassa flow, Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative and Hatha. It has been a constant support system to help with everything from chronic joint pain to recovering from a major shoulder injury in 2014. She see's yoga as her medicine that helps her heal wounds from the past and enjoy life to the fullest.
She obtained her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training through Yoga Hawaii under the guidance of Maya Siklai and Stephanie Keiko Kong.
In her classes she gives students of all levels a challenging flow that is accessible and fun while focusing on alignment. It is her desire to help you see beyond your own limitations. With her enthusiasm, excitement, and love for yoga she creates as safe environment for her students to grow into their full potential.

Began her yoga journey in 2014 when she and her husband moved from Texas to Hawaii. She started yoga as a physical practice and then it transformed into a journey of self-awareness and acceptance. It helped her cope with the emotional stress of moving away from family and friends by allowing her to focus and BE in the present. "I discovered my truest, brightest self through yoga and want to give that to others through my teaching." Monique completed her 200 hr teacher training at YOGA4EWA under the guidance of Tasha Kauihou. She also holds a B.S. in Health Science. Monique's Vinyasa classes focus on moving with the breath to create awareness while building strength.
"What I love most about yoga is that there will always be another layer of greatness to discover about yourself."

Like most, Megan started yoga as a fitness activity. When she moved to Florida yoga became her stress relief in order to cope with homesickness and finding a job. Arm balances and power style of yoga appealed to Megan most. She would follow YouTube videos, Pinterest and later subscribed to an online yoga dashboard. It wasn't until she moved back to Hawaii that she joined a studio and discovered the friendly community. "I feel like having a studio and a class setting made me feel better and practice better." Megan completed the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at YOGA4EWA with Tasha Kauihou in Summer 2017. It was then that she found the practice of the mind, body and soul. "Yoga brings me joy and I'm glad I allowed myself to be open-minded throughout the whole training." Megan's journey only just began as she embarks on spreading the benefits and the practice of yoga.

Lisa began her yoga journey in 2012, a year after she first moved to Hawaii. She was having a difficult time living so far from home and her best friend had just moved from Hawaii back to the east coast. Yoga began as something she could do to get out of the house, a way to exercise and move her body. Through yoga, Lisa was able to find a community of people where she felt she fit in. Having always been a worrier and an over thinker, she found herself experiencing less anxiety and being able to get out of her head. After much thought and consideration, she decided to pursue her 200 hr Teacher Training at YOGA4EWA under the guidance of Tasha Kauihou. She would like to help people achieve the same peace that she found through yoga. 

Turkish girl in Hawaii, military spouse, mommy and yoga lover!
After the birth of her daughter, Gonca started seeking for something to rejuvenate her body and state of mind. Her journey in yoga started in 2014 after attending the Mom & Baby workshop at YOGA4EWA. The mantra “everything is temporary” during Tasha Kauihou’s Vinyasa Fusion class, strengthened her daily commitment to yoga. Through her daily practice, Gonca has renewed her state of mind and strengthened her physical well-being, resulting in a more
confident and youthful person that is ready to inspire others to achieve the same.
With the support of family and her teacher’s faith in her, Gonca completed her 200HR Yoga Teacher Training at YOGA4EWA in February of 2017 under the guidance of Tasha Kauihou. She still attends Tasha’s Ashtanga and Vinyasa Fusion classes to grow and learn more. Gonca is so excited to share her yoga love with her students at YOGA4EWA. "I'd like to show my students the power of yoga so they can believe in themselves, and do anything they put their minds to”.

Thelma started her Yoga journey in 2009 when she got married. She started practicing just as a way to get fit. She soon realized that this was not a sport it was more a way of living, a way to find herself and to be present. She taught herself through videos and through a book that her brother gave to her as a Christmas present, but never attended a live class until 2014. When she moved to Hawaii with her Ohana she discovered Ashtanga at YOGA4EWA.  She got curious due to the weird name so she said "well... let's try this". She instantly felt in love with the practice, even though she was completely lost in her first class. She realized Ashtanga was her calling. She believes that Yoga has made her a better mom, wife and friend because she is more in touch with her inner self and wants to share this with you. With the support of her wonderful husband and daughter Thelma completed her 200hr Teacher Training at YOGA4EWA in February 2017 under the guidance of Tasha Kauihou, while she was 31 weeks pregnant with her second child. It was a hard journey but her true love for yoga kept her going.